Janelle Monae ,”She did That”!

Janelle Monáe is a 360 degree of soon to be a legendary iconic artist ball of  “DAM!”. A queen from Kansas City that literally pushed through her blueprint of life.  Who would have thought she would go from  the cliché of New York City Broadway To Hotlanta (Atlanta ) Stardom . Capturing the eyes of Big Boy ,joining a local circuit band . He was admirably impressed. From there she created her own collective compilations of music catalogs. From Sean P. Diddy , Prince , OutKast (group) , Erykah Badu,  Esperanza Spalding,  Solange,  and Miguel. Ms Monáe is a force to be reckoned with . Standing outside her box , because she would not let you box her in . I would say she rolled out her own dam red carpet without permission .

She was honored at the  CFDA Awards earned the nickname of “fashion’s Oscars” for its star-studded guest list and attendees’ elaborate fashions. She listed a few A-listers as being her sheros Gloria Steinem and Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards, Monáe was honored by the CFDA Board of Directors for her contributions to January’s  2017 Women’s March .

She also paid tribute to her family Unknown-4Unknown-3Unknown-1Unknownproudly boasting and humbly praising the fact that her mom was a janitor and father a trash collector and step father a postal worker . Which lit fire to her iconic fashion sense . she stated ”My family wore those uniforms with pride , dignity while continuing to provide for herself and sister “. My tribute to Ms. Monáe is not enough to add to her never ending accomplishments . She is not just a woman she is a movement .



The Love Is In The Skin Your In, Get to Know Terrence Terrell.


Hey Guys ! Its has been a minute since I  have written a blog . How ever this one is special , because  It’s not about Fashion . It’s about a talented man , black man who didn’t always believe in himself. Terrence Terrell; model, actor, and added; Arthur . Terrence Terrell did not always  believe himself . You may know him from major video plays  with Beyoncé , Lady GaGa , Nbc ,Showtime, Fox  show appearances. And currently Criminal Minds.

But Before the bright lights and big stars , Terrence has not always love who he was , like most of us ,(women). Society will have you believe that only women have self-love issues . He grew up feeling awkward and known as the ugly duckling . Well we know what happens in that story . She /he turns into the swan . Terrance was teased about his nose , head, his voice . All the negative drama is enough to stagnate ones life. But he manages to overcome all theses adversities  into triumphs . By rising bigger than his flaws . Terrence has released his new book called ”Blacky’. An uplifting story about a young boy’s journey to self-confidence . It’s about a young man realizing how to appreciate himself .  This was a much-needed positive piece of love to add to our children and adults of our society.

Terrence just wrapped up his feature in Arianna Grande’s video ,”Everyday”. And still appearing on new episodes of ”Criminal Minds.”


Sometimes being nosy can bring you pain or redemption. For instant i recently snooped through my significant others phone , yup i did it . I was that old gut instinct feeling i had in my  stomach for months and months . Well curiosity killed the cat . I caught the same text  messages from the same old lady he swore he would never reach out to . A woman knows , it’s just something we do . Well although I  am furious with this asshole . I am going to say it was God relieving me from this nightmare . I thank you God for giving me redemption . I am from this lie . Ladies follow your gut .It never lies .


I Recently learned that lies eventually  never lie down . They always seem  to wake up , burst out of seams , or spill out from some strange world. My gut instincts  always tell me when something  isn’t right . It’s what  I call Gods warnings we ignore at  times . My title of this blog simply means , if you do not settle your ugliest of past pain and drama . You can ultimately leave your future endeavors  , dreams stagnant . For instance , you look for jobs but you have a history of drug use or felony history. What to you do ? Are you upfront about it ? or do you lie?  Another example , You’re in a relationship , But your companion still has deeply rooted issues that block his/ and hers future ? And its taking years to resolve it . It is a strong possibility your partner is already contemplating an escape out that relationship. So make sure all your old chapters are closed . Because secrets always tell truths and untruths.


Its been awhile since I’ve written in my blog . Thats’ because I have  been going through

a whirlwind of death .  Besides the deaths i have written about in my previous blapters , about my two brothers .( READ PREVIOUS BLAPTERS ). I am now writing about my recent encounters . First my uncle  2015 of cancer . Then my grandmother natural death and a host of illness’ . Then my other Uncle who was schizophrenic . But I’m not sure what the cause was my family never did say . Then recently , My uncle who died last year of cancer lost his wife three weeks (from the day i wrote this blog ) from to a suicide homicide .My selfish enable evil little cousin.

My aunt had two kids , good lifestyle to keep it short and sweet . They were very privileges but there is always one that works hard and one who doesn’t give a shit . Well the one that didn’t give a shit shot his own mother (my aunty)  and then shot himself . By the way he was bi polar / sociopath . My aunty was a beautiful soul . I used to baby sit him . I always knew he would  do this  the signs were very clear . But who listens to teen back then . I constantly stayed in his selfish -ass child , he was hard-headed  belligerent, disrespectful. When my uncle who died of cancer , her  husband . My selfish cousin practically helped his death along with his unruly  ways . He was a horrible child that grew up more mentally ill . All because of the enablement. A caring woman who now has left her daughter motherless and fatherless. My mother could nt handle the stress of everyone dieng , my brothers  her mother,and now sister in-law. Just all too much . Then finding out My long-lost Uncle whom abandoned the family for almost 43 years had killed hi wife  in California .” You would think I’m writing a book” , ”no its all real .”. He is in prison , and now he  has cancer . MY mom has stayed in connection with I’m since all the tragedy . She recently suffered minor stroke . Because my mom thinks she can save the world . So she’s now resting her mind  body and soul and getting back to therapy mental and physical.Thank God my dad is there for her . She can be really nice sweet  and then selfish at the same time . But she will fly across the world for anyone , which is apart of the problem.

We all suffer from some type of mental illness . We can either embrace it and get help or enable it to get worse . Thanks for listening , Until next blapter or blog ………




The Realest Woman I Know,They Call her Kizzy

Before I knew about Lil Kim and any porn star to be known, my grandmother , Sylvia Keziah Riddick taught me everything there is know to about sex , girlfriends and life . Taught me to never trust them damn women . Because most are jealous , want your man, what you wear , your house . She was raw uncut real . Most could not handle her . She was my reason I live my life the way I do . Her incredible  fashion style was regal . She was confident sexy quick with the tongue,if  you  came off wrong. But she was gentle at the same time . Taught me to be clean , to never be a nasty women . Like most women are . Pretty in person and triflen behind closed doors lol.  She was the life of the party . I’m going to miss the diva . She wore the finest jewelry , fur coats .She made her living cleaning for a very rich woman . She drove cars like a Nascar driver.  This I s my catalyst for life . I will live it unapologetically  ,and I will live it loud and proud and as I please with class and style . and a little bit of bitch in it . And always praise God to the highest.




Kizzy The first ,original

as she would say “im the bitch who started this family ” lol