”I am back ! ”to blog about DJ Red Alert’s monthly networking events , which occurs every 1st Thursday of each month . This time part two was mainly small business vendors , black owned ,”of course ”. There was small media outlets such as Bronx Net TV, and independent photographers and bloggers such as myself and a host of anyone trying to get involved in something positive  . It’s all about economic growth and brotherly and sisterly love . Although  I must say sisters we need to stop with the  eye rolling and dead stares at one another and simply embrace each other with genuine love .  ”I just thought i throw that in there .

But I had the pleasure of meeting three charismatic sistahs , small business owners , whether a hustle on the side I love the themes . My first stop was a vendor called ”Her Secret



 Vault” . Her table screamed sexy! She has a colorful spread of the most exotic custom bathing suits . The colors exploded  like a skittles rainbow. She was pleasant , favors La La Anthony to me . ”The soon to be divorced  La La ‘.(funny shade). I purchased the a two piece bathing suit. I was amazed that she had big booty girl sizes . And yes it fits , ”cant wait to wear it . The theme of the suits were very Eygptian-like . The material was strong and silky like . I was glad to have supported her . And her gift bags are adorbs! Did I mentioned she also had sexy body-con dresses too for the curvy girls.


My next vendor stop was ”Bougie-nista” ,the name alone tickled my fancy , because  I am totally boujee/or bougie.  She was dressed in her bougie apparel , Hat , glasses , the shoes all custom-made I had to snap her eclectic sense of style .Its everything I would wear


gucci shades styled by Bougie-nista



Owner of the Vault Online Boutique


gucci -inspired

gucci inspired purse and shoe Bougie-nista


MZ Billie Books owner of SHADEY BIZ


support small business contact information included in the pictures


MZ Billie Books ,left Tasha Monique middle, right owner Bougie-nista

r to stand out and be yourself .


My final vendor stop was ”Shady Biz”, ”Ms Billie Bookz”. She was rocking her funky fresh Glam T-shirt smothered in bling . ”Bling catches the eyes of girls”. And her Bedazzled out shades were in their trendiest form . Her shades were perfect for any fun party, shopping , being cute kinda wear . Must support Guys .

Well that’s all I have for his go around . I will include their business-findings in the pictures added .Until then , I am signing off ,please share and like and comment !


The Original Start Ups : DJ REDD Alert & Uncle Ralph McDaniels ,

The title  alone should not have you asking who are these two Pioneers . I give you a quick history lesson both ,( remember it s a blog , not a book ) ha !ha!. ”Kool DJ Red Alert New York is recognized as one of the founding fathers of hip hop and culture. and […]

Janelle Monae ,”She did That”!

Janelle Monáe is a 360 degree of soon to be a legendary iconic artist ball of  “DAM!”. A queen from Kansas City that literally pushed through her blueprint of life.  Who would have thought she would go from  the cliché of New York City Broadway To Hotlanta (Atlanta ) Stardom . Capturing the eyes of Big Boy ,joining a local circuit band . He was admirably impressed. From there she created her own collective compilations of music catalogs. From Sean P. Diddy , Prince , OutKast (group) , Erykah Badu,  Esperanza Spalding,  Solange,  and Miguel. Ms Monáe is a force to be reckoned with . Standing outside her box , because she would not let you box her in . I would say she rolled out her own dam red carpet without permission .

She was honored at the  CFDA Awards earned the nickname of “fashion’s Oscars” for its star-studded guest list and attendees’ elaborate fashions. She listed a few A-listers as being her sheros Gloria Steinem and Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards, Monáe was honored by the CFDA Board of Directors for her contributions to January’s  2017 Women’s March .

She also paid tribute to her family Unknown-4Unknown-3Unknown-1Unknownproudly boasting and humbly praising the fact that her mom was a janitor and father a trash collector and step father a postal worker . Which lit fire to her iconic fashion sense . she stated ”My family wore those uniforms with pride , dignity while continuing to provide for herself and sister “. My tribute to Ms. Monáe is not enough to add to her never ending accomplishments . She is not just a woman she is a movement .



One Of My Fashionista Faves Is The Bomb!

  On November 29 , 2016 I had the groupie pleasure of meeting one of my favorite fashion ,blogger ,critic ,diva extraordinaire. I say, ”groupie ”(referring to me ). Because I was on her like one ”giggles”. I am talking about the one and only Claire Sulmers Bosslady ,CEO of Fashion Bomb Daily Style Magazine. Met […]

The Realest Woman I Know,They Call her Kizzy

Before I knew about Lil Kim and any porn star to be known, my grandmother , Sylvia Keziah Riddick taught me everything there is know to about sex , girlfriends and life . Taught me to never trust them damn women . Because most are jealous , want your man, what you wear , your house . She was raw uncut real . Most could not handle her . She was my reason I live my life the way I do . Her incredible  fashion style was regal . She was confident sexy quick with the tongue,if  you  came off wrong. But she was gentle at the same time . Taught me to be clean , to never be a nasty women . Like most women are . Pretty in person and triflen behind closed doors lol.  She was the life of the party . I’m going to miss the diva . She wore the finest jewelry , fur coats .She made her living cleaning for a very rich woman . She drove cars like a Nascar driver.  This I s my catalyst for life . I will live it unapologetically  ,and I will live it loud and proud and as I please with class and style . and a little bit of bitch in it . And always praise God to the highest.




Kizzy The first ,original

as she would say “im the bitch who started this family ” lol


Robyn Rihanna Fenty , How do we love Thee?

Screenshot_2016-01-09-11-03-07-1I  absolutely adore RiRi. . She slays every dragon that spits fire her way. Sold over 200 million records worldwide. Over came shitty relationships. There is no need to say his name ,”cough cough ”. From making mix tapes, to iconic songs. This Barbadian princess has made success look easy .

Did I mention I have Bajan roots? It will be in my next blog about my life . (shameless plug). Now back to RiRi. Her fashion sense always make sense even when it doesn’t to others. I faint every time I see her dominating the fashion scene.

Rihanna is also an awesome actress, it comes naturally . Have you seen her ”Bitch Bettah Have My Money” video ? I can picture her doing a ”Kill Bill Movie , or a Quentin Tarantino movie. She is built for those types of scripts. And her latest song ”American Oxygen” is dope . Its fits the times we are living in .

I am excited about what she is about to do next . Rihanna is a bad ass for sure .I salute you keep slaying.Screenshot_2016-01-09-13-18-48-1