One Of My Fashionista Faves Is The Bomb!

  On November 29 , 2016 I had the groupie pleasure of meeting one of my favorite fashion ,blogger ,critic ,diva extraordinaire. I say, ”groupie ”(referring to me ). Because I was on her like one ”giggles”. I am talking about the one and only Claire Sulmers Bosslady ,CEO of Fashion Bomb Daily Style Magazine. Met […]

Privileged Entitled , The American Mama I don’t feel sorry


I normally write about fashion and entertainment but something seemingly annoyed the shit out of me today . I was watching the news and you would have thought someone was hurt by the way the news reporter blasted a story about a well-known blogger known as The American Mama.  She apparently threw a public tantrum about how fake her world is showing how perfect life is raising her child and the perfect things that go on in her life . She apparently failed to realize that ‘’DUH’’ , motherhood is not perfect . She whined about all the sponsor pictures she has taken were fake . Um! ‘’Lady please ‘’. You signed up for this blogger life. Why not write about the ups and downs of motherhood ? Why not celebrate you losses and wins?
To make things worse she threw in a shade brag . A shade brag is when you brag and pretend to act mad about any situation just to appease others . ‘’Bye ‘’ ! Felicia ! ‘’ . Anyway , she boasted about getting $ 1500 per blog from her sponsors. (my blank stare). She said she is not comfortable anymore , as if her life was falling to hell pieces. Can someone please pay me $ 1500 per blog .So I can pay for both daughters in college. I’m so over this sense of entitled bull shit , I’m so over this privilege bullshit . Dear American Mama ,you owe it to your fans the real you . You get much more respect from being you . I bet your sponsors did not tell you that you could not . Well that is my rant blog for today . Until next time I’ ll be writing about my shitty plane trip from Texas. Later Floggers

Kenya Nicole