”Not So Vip”, But The Party was Lit.

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fun interaction  with Tammy and Tommie / manager Nelson 

 This latest blog  should  peak your interest . June 17,2017 of what i would call my reunion back to my controversal city , Trenton NJ.  I attended Anthony Walkers  Summer Jam kick off for the town , an all-white affair  ; Love & – social-lite Vixens,  Tommie Lee , & Tammy Rivera were  the guest . Both looked smashing and delicious (yassss) . I  especially loved that Tammy did not wear white She wore a hunter green body cat suit.  And my super-shero Tommie  wore a sheer-trench coat , which  looked to be a two piece bikini underneath . Before the  mayhem when I first arrived , DJ Self was thumping all the jams , He definitely bought the ambiance . I was expecting a little more branding for the Vip area . I didn’t  see Tommies ”L


peekaboo  style / Tommie Lee 

e’Don wine” , or didn’t hear Tammy’s new hit song ”All These Kisses Playing” (love this single). And most importantly , a free-drink ,at least one on the house . I guess what they call  VIP is  different then what the  New York City scene  offers.  I would  have had a little  more  bragging  to do .   And I was  slightly  disappointed that  an orderly  line was not established for at the least Vip persons to get their picture-taking . It was more like the Walking Dead attacking their prey . And you could not use your credit card to buy your drinks , (its 2017 ) !

I waited  patiently because I do not engage in  thirsty behaviors  . However I did get to chat with the ladies  during the crowed take over .. a quick ”hi Tammy”, (as seen in the picture) and ”happy birthday ”to Tommie.

Overall the party was Lit , and the ocean of white looked good . And my feet hurt like hell from dancing .


So i finally got my DSQUARED 2 heels! Just like the one my girl crush Ms. Rhianna Fenty had on . I waited 24 days for these beauties to arrive from Germany . And they were worth the wait .

When  they arrive they were heavenly! The light busted through the box , while my jewels  sparkled like it was Christmas ,the light literally burst through the box (kidding ) . As my heels slept in a pair , I noticed  my heavenly heels  came with a shoe bag  in black . I tried my 10 1/2 heels on and it was like butter in bottle. The shoes also came with extra crystals to add , just in case a crystal falls off . Overall I am very pleased with my shoes .

By the way I  added a funky pair a fur kittens  from The Rainbow store in Harlem. they added that Hollywood touch to the scene.I must pair these fur girls with the perfect ensemble for a hot night of fun .

priced at $115/ fur heels $40

enjoy the link song Im feeling myself , featuring Beyonce and Nicki Minaj

Von Boozier, Shoe Extravaganza!


recently attended the shoe launch of the double debonair Von Boozier twins  February 17, 2017. Though , I have always wanted to meet them , Their accolades are covered in celebrity credits. I was excited this time to show up . As i walked  into The Refinery Hotel the Quero store sat cozy in the corner of the Hotel. The ambience was serene and quaint . The shoes were planned out like soldiers in formation . The most delicious pairs of shoes I had ever seen . Each shoe hand crafted /custom done. From the rich colors of browns , reds, blues, greens . There were custom leather bags  ,and wallets satchels to name . 

The very thought of it being  created by two successful  men was not surprising to me . My people (black people) created almost everything . (research with shade lol). I am definitely gonna purchase this well made product, Once I have save my coinage . The night was filled with socialites , spectators and fabulous folk like myself ha!.  I enjoyed the company of the  Atmosphere , wishing the twins the best in all their endeavors.


The Love Is In The Skin Your In, Get to Know Terrence Terrell.


Hey Guys ! Its has been a minute since I  have written a blog . How ever this one is special , because  It’s not about Fashion . It’s about a talented man , black man who didn’t always believe in himself. Terrence Terrell; model, actor, and added; Arthur . Terrence Terrell did not always  believe himself . You may know him from major video plays  with Beyoncé , Lady GaGa , Nbc ,Showtime, Fox  show appearances. And currently Criminal Minds.

But Before the bright lights and big stars , Terrence has not always love who he was , like most of us ,(women). Society will have you believe that only women have self-love issues . He grew up feeling awkward and known as the ugly duckling . Well we know what happens in that story . She /he turns into the swan . Terrance was teased about his nose , head, his voice . All the negative drama is enough to stagnate ones life. But he manages to overcome all theses adversities  into triumphs . By rising bigger than his flaws . Terrence has released his new book called ”Blacky’. An uplifting story about a young boy’s journey to self-confidence . It’s about a young man realizing how to appreciate himself .  This was a much-needed positive piece of love to add to our children and adults of our society.

Terrence just wrapped up his feature in Arianna Grande’s video ,”Everyday”. And still appearing on new episodes of ”Criminal Minds.”


Sometimes being nosy can bring you pain or redemption. For instant i recently snooped through my significant others phone , yup i did it . I was that old gut instinct feeling i had in my  stomach for months and months . Well curiosity killed the cat . I caught the same text  messages from the same old lady he swore he would never reach out to . A woman knows , it’s just something we do . Well although I  am furious with this asshole . I am going to say it was God relieving me from this nightmare . I thank you God for giving me redemption . I am from this lie . Ladies follow your gut .It never lies .

One Of My Fashionista Faves Is The Bomb!

  On November 29 , 2016 I had the groupie pleasure of meeting one of my favorite fashion ,blogger ,critic ,diva extraordinaire. I say, ”groupie ”(referring to me ). Because I was on her like one ”giggles”. I am talking about the one and only Claire Sulmers Bosslady ,CEO of Fashion Bomb Daily Style Magazine. Met […]


20161116_21474520161116_21512120161116_214704November 16, 2016 was an evening of  beauty ,brains  , and fashion mist floating in the air . I attended the 6th annual WEEN  Awards . For those who are uncertain of the title. It stands for Women Entertainment Empowerment Network. Valeisha Butterfield  Jones is the (CEO) . The night was fueled with award acceptances and tears of admiration. With A-listers presenting and receiving awards . The scene was sexy sleek glamour . So much talent was in the building . Honoree’s and Presenters ; Lil Kim, Teyana Taylor , Yara Shahidi,  Keri Hilson , June Ambrose, Meagan Good , Olivia Dope , Geneva Reed -Veal  (mother of Sandra Bland ) and  more .

But one sistah caught my eye . She looked fabulous. I’m talking about Blogger Necole Bitchie  ! YASSSS ! She looked amazing , she was rocking an adorable dress that signified her current status . The colors were  vibrant and real. ”STRONG WOMAN”.Which  In bold beautiful white letters stood out . I am sure it was a statement for herself and for women all over . She then,  introduced me to her  stylist /fashion show producer , Jenesis Laforcarde . ”She was adorbs”.I exspect to see more of her slayage , and we will see more of Ms. Bitchie herself . The night ended with flashing lights and oceans of networking . I can’t wait until next year .



Photography : Kenya Nicole

Top : Teyana Taylor

Middle: Geneva Reed -Veal (mother of Sandra Bland)

Bottom: Nicole Bitchie