Janelle Monae ,”She did That”!

Janelle Monáe is a 360 degree of soon to be a legendary iconic artist ball of  “DAM!”. A queen from Kansas City that literally pushed through her blueprint of life.  Who would have thought she would go from  the cliché of New York City Broadway To Hotlanta (Atlanta ) Stardom . Capturing the eyes of Big Boy ,joining a local circuit band . He was admirably impressed. From there she created her own collective compilations of music catalogs. From Sean P. Diddy , Prince , OutKast (group) , Erykah Badu,  Esperanza Spalding,  Solange,  and Miguel. Ms Monáe is a force to be reckoned with . Standing outside her box , because she would not let you box her in . I would say she rolled out her own dam red carpet without permission .

She was honored at the  CFDA Awards earned the nickname of “fashion’s Oscars” for its star-studded guest list and attendees’ elaborate fashions. She listed a few A-listers as being her sheros Gloria Steinem and Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards, Monáe was honored by the CFDA Board of Directors for her contributions to January’s  2017 Women’s March .

She also paid tribute to her family Unknown-4Unknown-3Unknown-1Unknownproudly boasting and humbly praising the fact that her mom was a janitor and father a trash collector and step father a postal worker . Which lit fire to her iconic fashion sense . she stated ”My family wore those uniforms with pride , dignity while continuing to provide for herself and sister “. My tribute to Ms. Monáe is not enough to add to her never ending accomplishments . She is not just a woman she is a movement .




So i finally got my DSQUARED 2 heels! Just like the one my girl crush Ms. Rhianna Fenty had on . I waited 24 days for these beauties to arrive from Germany . And they were worth the wait .

When  they arrive they were heavenly! The light busted through the box , while my jewels  sparkled like it was Christmas ,the light literally burst through the box (kidding ) . As my heels slept in a pair , I noticed  my heavenly heels  came with a shoe bag  in black . I tried my 10 1/2 heels on and it was like butter in bottle. The shoes also came with extra crystals to add , just in case a crystal falls off . Overall I am very pleased with my shoes .

By the way I  added a funky pair a fur kittens  from The Rainbow store in Harlem. they added that Hollywood touch to the scene.I must pair these fur girls with the perfect ensemble for a hot night of fun .

priced at $115/ fur heels $40

enjoy the link song Im feeling myself , featuring Beyonce and Nicki Minaj

Von Boozier, Shoe Extravaganza!


recently attended the shoe launch of the double debonair Von Boozier twins  February 17, 2017. Though , I have always wanted to meet them , Their accolades are covered in celebrity credits. I was excited this time to show up . As i walked  into The Refinery Hotel the Quero store sat cozy in the corner of the Hotel. The ambience was serene and quaint . The shoes were planned out like soldiers in formation . The most delicious pairs of shoes I had ever seen . Each shoe hand crafted /custom done. From the rich colors of browns , reds, blues, greens . There were custom leather bags  ,and wallets satchels to name . 

The very thought of it being  created by two successful  men was not surprising to me . My people (black people) created almost everything . (research with shade lol). I am definitely gonna purchase this well made product, Once I have save my coinage . The night was filled with socialites , spectators and fabulous folk like myself ha!.  I enjoyed the company of the  Atmosphere , wishing the twins the best in all their endeavors.



Every year the ladies of the Black Entertainment Circle get to come out and show off their sexy fashion trends at the Soul Train Music Awards. However the one outfit that caught everyone’s eye was the sexy classy Elise Neal . This native Memphis Tennessee ballerina drifted in this white jumpsuit . She definitely had the body to rock it .  But it was  not executed correctly , I am no fashion critic ,( ”working on it tee tee”). The tailoring needed just a little more love to it . Nothing wrong with a nag , tuck , pull.  And the train made it so hard for the diva to walk . So it made her look like a spilled glass of milk . Instead of a tall cup of sexy leche’,(ha!). But i loved that it was different and it stood out so it wins with me . I love her as an actress and strong black woman . That’s it for Kenya’s fashion Korner .


I assume #no #credit for pictures above .


Nothing Is Cuter Than My Adrienne Vittadini Bag & Blinged out Converse!

So  I stopped  at one of my favorite stores to pick up a few needed items . And low and behold I seen a classic bag ,not just any bag It was an Adrienne Vittadini bag . It was the only one left. So i had to have it of course , $200 dollar retailed and I  bought it for half that price . Then as i walked through the overwhelming  shoe section ,there was a beaming light. ”Converse”! I screamed it in my head. I had to have those too, $40 .  There is nothing like a good sale . So divas never pass up a good sale , chances are you will not see what you want again . Because  some other  shopper will grab it. 20161030_110601.jpg

I Need To Sell These Dam Thot , oops Hot dresses.

So , since my last blog about  my pop up shop . I sold a few garments ,  But i need sell them all . Yes I post on every site . I know what your thinking . But I know I need to hit my niche . I need that sexy  vixen urban model […]