”Not So Vip”, But The Party was Lit.

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fun interaction  with Tammy and Tommie / manager Nelson 

 This latest blog  should  peak your interest . June 17,2017 of what i would call my reunion back to my controversal city , Trenton NJ.  I attended Anthony Walkers  Summer Jam kick off for the town , an all-white affair  ; Love & – social-lite Vixens,  Tommie Lee , & Tammy Rivera were  the guest . Both looked smashing and delicious (yassss) . I  especially loved that Tammy did not wear white She wore a hunter green body cat suit.  And my super-shero Tommie  wore a sheer-trench coat , which  looked to be a two piece bikini underneath . Before the  mayhem when I first arrived , DJ Self was thumping all the jams , He definitely bought the ambiance . I was expecting a little more branding for the Vip area . I didn’t  see Tommies ”L


peekaboo  style / Tommie Lee 

e’Don wine” , or didn’t hear Tammy’s new hit song ”All These Kisses Playing” (love this single). And most importantly , a free-drink ,at least one on the house . I guess what they call  VIP is  different then what the  New York City scene  offers.  I would  have had a little  more  bragging  to do .   And I was  slightly  disappointed that  an orderly  line was not established for at the least Vip persons to get their picture-taking . It was more like the Walking Dead attacking their prey . And you could not use your credit card to buy your drinks , (its 2017 ) !

I waited  patiently because I do not engage in  thirsty behaviors  . However I did get to chat with the ladies  during the crowed take over .. a quick ”hi Tammy”, (as seen in the picture) and ”happy birthday ”to Tommie.

Overall the party was Lit , and the ocean of white looked good . And my feet hurt like hell from dancing .

Janelle Monae ,”She did That”!

Janelle Monáe is a 360 degree of soon to be a legendary iconic artist ball of  “DAM!”. A queen from Kansas City that literally pushed through her blueprint of life.  Who would have thought she would go from  the cliché of New York City Broadway To Hotlanta (Atlanta ) Stardom . Capturing the eyes of Big Boy ,joining a local circuit band . He was admirably impressed. From there she created her own collective compilations of music catalogs. From Sean P. Diddy , Prince , OutKast (group) , Erykah Badu,  Esperanza Spalding,  Solange,  and Miguel. Ms Monáe is a force to be reckoned with . Standing outside her box , because she would not let you box her in . I would say she rolled out her own dam red carpet without permission .

She was honored at the  CFDA Awards earned the nickname of “fashion’s Oscars” for its star-studded guest list and attendees’ elaborate fashions. She listed a few A-listers as being her sheros Gloria Steinem and Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards, Monáe was honored by the CFDA Board of Directors for her contributions to January’s  2017 Women’s March .

She also paid tribute to her family Unknown-4Unknown-3Unknown-1Unknownproudly boasting and humbly praising the fact that her mom was a janitor and father a trash collector and step father a postal worker . Which lit fire to her iconic fashion sense . she stated ”My family wore those uniforms with pride , dignity while continuing to provide for herself and sister “. My tribute to Ms. Monáe is not enough to add to her never ending accomplishments . She is not just a woman she is a movement .