One Of My Fashionista Faves Is The Bomb!

  On November 29 , 2016 I had the groupie pleasure of meeting one of my favorite fashion ,blogger ,critic ,diva extraordinaire. I say, ”groupie ”(referring to me ). Because I was on her like one ”giggles”. I am talking about the one and only Claire Sulmers Bosslady ,CEO of Fashion Bomb Daily Style Magazine. Met […]


I Recently learned that lies eventually  never lie down . They always seem  to wake up , burst out of seams , or spill out from some strange world. My gut instincts  always tell me when something  isn’t right . It’s what  I call Gods warnings we ignore at  times . My title of this blog simply means , if you do not settle your ugliest of past pain and drama . You can ultimately leave your future endeavors  , dreams stagnant . For instance , you look for jobs but you have a history of drug use or felony history. What to you do ? Are you upfront about it ? or do you lie?  Another example , You’re in a relationship , But your companion still has deeply rooted issues that block his/ and hers future ? And its taking years to resolve it . It is a strong possibility your partner is already contemplating an escape out that relationship. So make sure all your old chapters are closed . Because secrets always tell truths and untruths.


20161116_21474520161116_21512120161116_214704November 16, 2016 was an evening of  beauty ,brains  , and fashion mist floating in the air . I attended the 6th annual WEEN  Awards . For those who are uncertain of the title. It stands for Women Entertainment Empowerment Network. Valeisha Butterfield  Jones is the (CEO) . The night was fueled with award acceptances and tears of admiration. With A-listers presenting and receiving awards . The scene was sexy sleek glamour . So much talent was in the building . Honoree’s and Presenters ; Lil Kim, Teyana Taylor , Yara Shahidi,  Keri Hilson , June Ambrose, Meagan Good , Olivia Dope , Geneva Reed -Veal  (mother of Sandra Bland ) and  more .

But one sistah caught my eye . She looked fabulous. I’m talking about Blogger Necole Bitchie  ! YASSSS ! She looked amazing , she was rocking an adorable dress that signified her current status . The colors were  vibrant and real. ”STRONG WOMAN”.Which  In bold beautiful white letters stood out . I am sure it was a statement for herself and for women all over . She then,  introduced me to her  stylist /fashion show producer , Jenesis Laforcarde . ”She was adorbs”.I exspect to see more of her slayage , and we will see more of Ms. Bitchie herself . The night ended with flashing lights and oceans of networking . I can’t wait until next year .



Photography : Kenya Nicole

Top : Teyana Taylor

Middle: Geneva Reed -Veal (mother of Sandra Bland)

Bottom: Nicole Bitchie


Every year the ladies of the Black Entertainment Circle get to come out and show off their sexy fashion trends at the Soul Train Music Awards. However the one outfit that caught everyone’s eye was the sexy classy Elise Neal . This native Memphis Tennessee ballerina drifted in this white jumpsuit . She definitely had the body to rock it .  But it was  not executed correctly , I am no fashion critic ,( ”working on it tee tee”). The tailoring needed just a little more love to it . Nothing wrong with a nag , tuck , pull.  And the train made it so hard for the diva to walk . So it made her look like a spilled glass of milk . Instead of a tall cup of sexy leche’,(ha!). But i loved that it was different and it stood out so it wins with me . I love her as an actress and strong black woman . That’s it for Kenya’s fashion Korner .


I assume #no #credit for pictures above .