Its been awhile since I’ve written in my blog . Thats’ because I have  been going through

a whirlwind of death .  Besides the deaths i have written about in my previous blapters , about my two brothers .( READ PREVIOUS BLAPTERS ). I am now writing about my recent encounters . First my uncle  2015 of cancer . Then my grandmother natural death and a host of illness’ . Then my other Uncle who was schizophrenic . But I’m not sure what the cause was my family never did say . Then recently , My uncle who died last year of cancer lost his wife three weeks (from the day i wrote this blog ) from to a suicide homicide .My selfish enable evil little cousin.

My aunt had two kids , good lifestyle to keep it short and sweet . They were very privileges but there is always one that works hard and one who doesn’t give a shit . Well the one that didn’t give a shit shot his own mother (my aunty)  and then shot himself . By the way he was bi polar / sociopath . My aunty was a beautiful soul . I used to baby sit him . I always knew he would  do this  the signs were very clear . But who listens to teen back then . I constantly stayed in his selfish -ass child , he was hard-headed  belligerent, disrespectful. When my uncle who died of cancer , her  husband . My selfish cousin practically helped his death along with his unruly  ways . He was a horrible child that grew up more mentally ill . All because of the enablement. A caring woman who now has left her daughter motherless and fatherless. My mother could nt handle the stress of everyone dieng , my brothers  her mother,and now sister in-law. Just all too much . Then finding out My long-lost Uncle whom abandoned the family for almost 43 years had killed hi wife  in California .” You would think I’m writing a book” , ”no its all real .”. He is in prison , and now he  has cancer . MY mom has stayed in connection with I’m since all the tragedy . She recently suffered minor stroke . Because my mom thinks she can save the world . So she’s now resting her mind  body and soul and getting back to therapy mental and physical.Thank God my dad is there for her . She can be really nice sweet  and then selfish at the same time . But she will fly across the world for anyone , which is apart of the problem.

We all suffer from some type of mental illness . We can either embrace it and get help or enable it to get worse . Thanks for listening , Until next blapter or blog ………