My dream manifesting , Kenya’s Klosset

Its been a long time since i wrote you to My floggers (Fans and bloggers) . ” you get  the picture”, . I finally launched my online boutique, ”KENYAS KLOSSET” . After months and months of dreaming. I managed to pull the dream out my crazy brain . Its was hard at first because  I had to find a niche . Then i had to invest.  market , sell . Iam still in the beginning stages of learning  about SEOS and Meta Data . Now I’m back at the beginning  again. RE-marketing my brand . I sell very sexy club wear because it’s the easiest to sell . But once I rid myself of all this inventory  My niche will change . After all there is levels to this shit . Plus it takes money to make money . But I will prevail . So stay tuned I will perfect this .

Happy  shopping