The Realest Woman I Know,They Call her Kizzy

Before I knew about Lil Kim and any porn star to be known, my grandmother , Sylvia Keziah Riddick taught me everything there is know to about sex , girlfriends and life . Taught me to never trust them damn women . Because most are jealous , want your man, what you wear , your house . She was raw uncut real . Most could not handle her . She was my reason I live my life the way I do . Her incredible  fashion style was regal . She was confident sexy quick with the tongue,if  you  came off wrong. But she was gentle at the same time . Taught me to be clean , to never be a nasty women . Like most women are . Pretty in person and triflen behind closed doors lol.  She was the life of the party . I’m going to miss the diva . She wore the finest jewelry , fur coats .She made her living cleaning for a very rich woman . She drove cars like a Nascar driver.  This I s my catalyst for life . I will live it unapologetically  ,and I will live it loud and proud and as I please with class and style . and a little bit of bitch in it . And always praise God to the highest.




Kizzy The first ,original

as she would say “im the bitch who started this family ” lol