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My Sweet Deal Shopping ,Goodbye to My favorite Store



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Hi guys its been a minute . I ‘ve been busy and focused on my newest venture. I am currently opening my own online store yay!.  And trying to find my truest self. Welp, I found her !  ” So anyway ,”, As I was walking down the new regentrified Harlem . I noticed different  stores were closing . I gagged when I saw one of my favorite stores closing . The store is called ”PayHalf”. Its a cross between Mandees /Ross kind of. They carry new designers and known designers . Everything was 60% off. Like a ravaging beast I devoured the shopping floor of some adorable trendy dresses and etc… Any who check out my findings . Happy Reading ! 


Things Listed  : 1.crystal shaped black and white dress w/sexy zipper on the hip, by The LE $24 20% off    2.black and white lined print with a splash of green on the collar by Signature by R0bbie Bee $24 20% off     20160304_071624-1.3 blue and white floral tie up shirt by Focus $19 20% off. 4th ,creamy white trousers by Zac and Rachel $29 20% off

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