Who thinx this is kool ?

So this is so random and short ,  I was on the IRT number 2 train to work and I came upon this ad . Because I do that to  ignore the weird stares  when your on the train . I am looking at these beautiful rainbow of models on the ad. But  what I noticed was their formation of poses like the Rocketts  on Christmas .  To my surprise it was a darn underwear ad for panties that do not leak your menstruation and leak smell for them accidental situations. And they call them THINX. (Blank stare), lol. The funny part was the little jokes about men being embarrassed about reading the add. Yes Ladies, panties that help flow from flowing .This was funny  to me . Anyway I wanted to be random . That’s all for now I will return  to write some goodies on fashion . Later!




The difference of waist cincher corsets and waist training corsets

In order to meet different taste and flavors of the masses for sexy corsets, all kinds of cheap corsets have emerged on the virtual market, malls and physical stores. Some people would like to stee…

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My Sweet Deal Shopping ,Goodbye to My favorite Store



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Hi guys its been a minute . I ‘ve been busy and focused on my newest venture. I am currently opening my own online store yay!.  And trying to find my truest self. Welp, I found her !  ” So anyway ,”, As I was walking down the new regentrified Harlem . I noticed different  stores were closing . I gagged when I saw one of my favorite stores closing . The store is called ”PayHalf”. Its a cross between Mandees /Ross kind of. They carry new designers and known designers . Everything was 60% off. Like a ravaging beast I devoured the shopping floor of some adorable trendy dresses and etc… Any who check out my findings . Happy Reading ! 


Things Listed  : 1.crystal shaped black and white dress w/sexy zipper on the hip, by The LE $24 20% off    2.black and white lined print with a splash of green on the collar by Signature by R0bbie Bee $24 20% off     20160304_071624-1.3 blue and white floral tie up shirt by Focus $19 20% off. 4th ,creamy white trousers by Zac and Rachel $29 20% off