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Robyn Rihanna Fenty , How do we love Thee?

Screenshot_2016-01-09-11-03-07-1I  absolutely adore RiRi. . She slays every dragon that spits fire her way. Sold over 200 million records worldwide. Over came shitty relationships. There is no need to say his name ,”cough cough ”. From making mix tapes, to iconic songs. This Barbadian princess has made success look easy .

Did I mention I have Bajan roots? It will be in my next blog about my life . (shameless plug). Now back to RiRi. Her fashion sense always make sense even when it doesn’t to others. I faint every time I see her dominating the fashion scene.

Rihanna is also an awesome actress, it comes naturally . Have you seen her ”Bitch Bettah Have My Money” video ? I can picture her doing a ”Kill Bill Movie , or a Quentin Tarantino movie. She is built for those types of scripts. And her latest song ”American Oxygen” is dope . Its fits the times we are living in .

I am excited about what she is about to do next . Rihanna is a bad ass for sure .I salute you keep slaying.Screenshot_2016-01-09-13-18-48-1


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