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My New Years Wardrobe Malfunction

20151231_233833new years 2016  Kenya Nicole


Happy Fuqin New Year !. Well let me tell you I was looking all sexy and snatched and well put together lashes on by Ardell, lipstick by lime crime, golden bronzer, brows beat . I had few high balls to warm of the festivities to son come . I had on my golden/silver booties . Let me tell you,  I was feeling myself , the vixen came out .



Arrived at the venue  , and all the way to the venue my dress kept rising to the top . Like I want my career to go , lol.  I enter coat check with my man in my side and low and behold my dam dress split all the to the ass . yup ass all out . UGGGGG!!!! .  we were both so aggy that night . But I made it work my coat was long enough to cover and still look hot . I tied the coat around  my waist and partied like a rock star . Welp, that’s all I have . Hope you enjoyed the laugh . Happy New year!. xoxo

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