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BLAPTER 4 Blogging Chapters of my Life

Happy New Year BICTHES!!!!! and  MITCHES!!!!!,   YES  its been a few months since have  written about my life .  So let me jump right on in . My brother Andre is my reason for my gifts manifesting at such a young age .

He figured me out that I was so dam talented , as  he also so talented. Bringing me records of Whitney, Phyllis , Anita and so many others.

My brother was the second oldest very over protective of myself. I watched him go through many hardships.  Especially at home and school . My father was militant and harsh at times . I guess because his upbringing was harsh as well .

Il skip some parts of this story , After my brother committed suicide in 1987 , I hope I got the date right its been so long . My world  changed , I was so determined to  be a star. All through highschool I was deemed  popular , I didn’t think so .But I guess my singing put me in that place . I knew what  I wanted up until after highschool . A few heartbreaks & set backs made it all impossible . But I will complete that story in my next  blapter  5 blog .

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