Robyn Rihanna Fenty , How do we love Thee?

Screenshot_2016-01-09-11-03-07-1I  absolutely adore RiRi. . She slays every dragon that spits fire her way. Sold over 200 million records worldwide. Over came shitty relationships. There is no need to say his name ,”cough cough ”. From making mix tapes, to iconic songs. This Barbadian princess has made success look easy .

Did I mention I have Bajan roots? It will be in my next blog about my life . (shameless plug). Now back to RiRi. Her fashion sense always make sense even when it doesn’t to others. I faint every time I see her dominating the fashion scene.

Rihanna is also an awesome actress, it comes naturally . Have you seen her ”Bitch Bettah Have My Money” video ? I can picture her doing a ”Kill Bill Movie , or a Quentin Tarantino movie. She is built for those types of scripts. And her latest song ”American Oxygen” is dope . Its fits the times we are living in .

I am excited about what she is about to do next . Rihanna is a bad ass for sure .I salute you keep slaying.Screenshot_2016-01-09-13-18-48-1


The Queen Still Reigns ”QB style”

Queen Bitch, Queen Brooklyn!   How ever she serves , she serves well.

Some of you may not know that Lil Kim is her own fashionista.  She is not a forgotten icon . Shes helped to inspire  many other vixens to make it,  including Nikki Menaj . I am and always  will be  a fan for life. She broke many music barriers  with the loyal help of Biggie Smalls. (rip). She has inspired , pissed off many . Shes even launched her own clothing design called ”Hollywood”.

Lil Kim is a walking middle finger . ”If you get my drift”. She  doesn’t apologize for being who she is . No matter  her changes . She has. definitely made up her mind to change whatever displeased her. Every lyric , every costume ,it all tells her story . I see a lil bit of Kim in me . Kim you still reign, “baby baby”! (In my biggie voice).


My New Years Wardrobe Malfunction

20151231_233833new years 2016  Kenya Nicole


Happy Fuqin New Year !. Well let me tell you I was looking all sexy and snatched and well put together lashes on by Ardell, lipstick by lime crime, golden bronzer, brows beat . I had few high balls to warm of the festivities to son come . I had on my golden/silver booties . Let me tell you,  I was feeling myself , the vixen came out .



Arrived at the venue  , and all the way to the venue my dress kept rising to the top . Like I want my career to go , lol.  I enter coat check with my man in my side and low and behold my dam dress split all the to the ass . yup ass all out . UGGGGG!!!! .  we were both so aggy that night . But I made it work my coat was long enough to cover and still look hot . I tied the coat around  my waist and partied like a rock star . Welp, that’s all I have . Hope you enjoyed the laugh . Happy New year!. xoxo

BLAPTER 4 Blogging Chapters of my Life

Happy New Year BICTHES!!!!! and  MITCHES!!!!!,   YES  its been a few months since have  written about my life .  So let me jump right on in . My brother Andre is my reason for my gifts manifesting at such a young age .

He figured me out that I was so dam talented , as  he also so talented. Bringing me records of Whitney, Phyllis , Anita and so many others.

My brother was the second oldest very over protective of myself. I watched him go through many hardships.  Especially at home and school . My father was militant and harsh at times . I guess because his upbringing was harsh as well .

Il skip some parts of this story , After my brother committed suicide in 1987 , I hope I got the date right its been so long . My world  changed , I was so determined to  be a star. All through highschool I was deemed  popular , I didn’t think so .But I guess my singing put me in that place . I knew what  I wanted up until after highschool . A few heartbreaks & set backs made it all impossible . But I will complete that story in my next  blapter  5 blog .