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How  do I start this fucking script?  well I was six when I was discovered in the bathroom of my first grade class , that I can sing , Mrs. Johnson came in and  caught my little ass singing the hell out of  ” Ease on down the road ” . From the  hit play the ”WIZ”.  I was scared shitless , because she was a hardball teacher , More like a bitch . But that day changed my elementary school ass.   Soon after that voice lessons came in to play  . By the beautiful Mrs. Coles , She had long brown hair and light skin like butter.  She helped with all the fine tuning  by  strengthening  my power cords at such a young age . There were two other singers  in the voice class.  Only two of us could sing .The other two girls were there only because of favoritism or their looks.   Mary Riddley was the other good voice. Honestly I was better  I’ve always known it but was too shy and non confrontational to say . So I showed it  . Each school play / performance she sang lead . But I often had the strong pitch parts.   I knew at my young age I wanted to be a star. My childhood friend John Thomas now deceased , he died from Aids “RIP”, helped nurture my vocals  as well . We would watch ”Kids & Corporated”, Mickey Mouse Club ” .etc., Those were the good  shit that came on television  . Anything that had to do with music  or singing we listened .  ”I miss him” , he died of AIDS . It broke my heart  . Anyway , I am  ending this blapterunt at night I would watch classical  movies from ages 6 to now . I am talking real Hollywood stars from ;from Fred Astaire , Elvis, Jerry Lewis  , Humphrey Bogart , Marilyn Monroe . The list goes  on and on . I use to rehearse all the scripts and use my dolls as props and extras .  I even taught myself  how to kiss by using my dolls . (funny).  And I had every single  posters of every star posted on my wall from  Beverly Johnson to  Cheryl Tiegs ,Janice Dickerson the  Jackson Five ,etc..My wall became my movie my writing pad  . Got my ass whooped from doing so  much of it. But I didn’t care I still created a world of my own  . It helped me get through the  dysfunctions  in my household .  But that’s another story  . You can  read about it in my next blapter part 2.

Kenya Nicole

Kenya Nicole’s Kloset Tea






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