Blapter part 3

So moving forward I am still this  young Kenya . Wait ,let me rewind a bit . My mom and dad when I was born had a petty fight over me . I guess I was extra fab when I  was born . They had a disagreement over my name .  My dad named me after Gladys fabulous Knights daughter ,” yes,” her name is Kenya too”. But mom wanted Nicole .. Blah .. So I became Kenya Monique , for some strange reason it, stuck to my vital statistics’ record as both Kenya Monique Nicole Rittenburg.  And I now I have both names legally on my birth certificate and drivers license . Ha !ha !, go figure …mom and dad did a lot of fighting, arguing .  It Fucked my head up . They were dysfunctional so my family was also .. My brothers had the worst punishments. Long story short they had military punishment. Pushups, whippings, punching and sometimes locked in the basement. Me I rarely got a spanking ,but I got cussed out a lot . For having a messy room or writing on the wall because my imagination was wild .. But however I was molested by three family members . No need for details just know I forgave the SONS OF %$$%s.  And moved on . Which is why I was so shy and insecure . Fell in love so may times in my life  that I forgot my gifts  but thats’ another story . So , moving forward . My family was messy at times . But I did grow up with dad there . But what does that mean why have dysfunction if you can’t function anyway, if that made sense. I watch my brothers get hurt the most . They were so gifted and talented  . Between dancing or just plain brains . Especially my brother Andre . But that’s another story . To be continued…….. Blapter 4



”So where was I ?” ”Oh yeah ”!  RIP John Thomas . During my elementary days I always knew I was a gifted child. I had so much confidence . I loved writing songs  , plays stories . I even tried to act them out . I had oodles of imaginary friends in my head . Like most little girls . I talked to myself , played by myself , sang by myself.  I was special and I knew it deep inside my soul . Late at night I would watch classical  movies from ages 6 to now . I am talking real Hollywood stars from ;from Fred Astaire , Elvis, Jerry Lewis  , Humphrey Bogart , Marilyn Monroe . The list goes  on and on . I use to rehearse all the scripts and use my dolls as props and extras .  I even taught myself  how to kiss by using my dolls . (funny).  And I had every single  posters of every star posted on my wall from  Beverly Johnson to  Cheryl Tiegs ,Janice Dickerson the  Jackson Five ,etc..My wall became my movie my writing pad  . Got my ass whooped from doing so  much of it. But I didn’t care I still created a world of my own  . It helped me get through the  dysfunctions  in my household .  But that’s another story  . You can  read about it in my next blapter part 2.