The Greatest still Rocks his fashion life right- Michael Jacksons’ unapologetic threads


Some how ”The Greatest Entertainer in the world” , still manages to blow our minds . Even while   sleeping in peace . Michael Jackson has left us a legacy and a mental closet full of clothing to  wear. Penny loafers ,  gloves  , wigwom socks , white t-shirts , fitted suits . fedoras. ”Shall I go on ?” . his looks are amazing , looking how handsome  he was  in every facial change , he just look so crisp in his wardrobe changes . My favorite outfit was the flooded black pants white t-shirts and black penny loafers  were fresh as hell . And he always has enough room to grab his crouch . Cant do that nowadays wearing those God awful skinny jeans . Thank you Mr. Jackson you are and always will be so fresh and so clean to me . That’s it for me and this blogalicious blog…

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Taraji P. Henson is Mad Cookie Beyond The Empire Dome-Slayed!

Kenya Nicole's fire piece on Cookie Lyons'

Kenya Nicole’s fire piece on Cookie Lyons’


If you missed the past episode of Empire season 2 , ”Fire And Heaven” . Then you just missed it . Cookie s’ style is blended with every woman s’ gangster look. The sexy Mafiosa  slithers in every print you can or can’t name. But hunty !,” yes ‘I’ said, ”hunty”.

If you’re a true fan of the ”Queen Tina Turner ”. Then you would know she was giving all kinds of life of ,”Mad Max Beyond Thunder Dome”. Her fierce hair weave was flowing like a flame . Her well designed costumed , I’m sure was put together by her costume designer ”Paolo  Niedu”.  Well  she slayed  and scored in this number..  Not too much to say but ,Dam it !!!! ”Ms. Henson ”,” you most  definitely got your fashion life  right “!

Kenya s’ Fashion Korner / Strikes Again

Kenya Nicole



I’The Power of The Sour Wig I’ve often wonder why women buy cheap or expensive wigs , and never think of the care that comes with it . Whether , synthetic , string , human , sheepskin .Please I  Iimplore you to take care of yourwigs . I had a bad experience with the smell of a woman swig, yes I said swig . because it was a combination of pig mix with synthetic materials . She sat in front of me at an outside concert this summer . She kept digging scratching.  And the  toxins  floated  out like hot smog coming from an incinerator. So Il give you some tips . You can use fiber fluids such as ; Wool light, or other fabric softner’s . But make sure you follow the ” how to care for ” instructions on the package . Ladies seriously no guy wants to hug a woman that smells…

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